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A: Vending is not a franchise business. It is our understanding that it is not viable for companies to buy two or more vending machines.

A: We operate our own vending machines and partner with site owners to take advantage of our services, but we do not sell them. We will provide the service and machine free of charge.

A: Call us to discuss the requirements you need so we can tailor fit the service to meet them. We will survey your establishment and install the machine within five days if your site meets our criteria.

A: If you want to avail our free on loan vending services, we require a minimum of 100 people.

A: We can still install machines for small-scale offices. We have customers who provide support and subsidies for this account so you can enjoy our vending services. We will try to custom fit our services for your needs.

A: Yes, our vending machines accept payment like paper bills and coins and even dispense change.

A: Yes. Philippine Vending Corporation is the sole company with people to serve you on Sundays and holidays. We are the only vending service providing true 24-hour servicing.

A. The locations may vary depending on the type of business you have.

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- 1 Corinthians 10:31

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