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DLSU-Manila, one of the best universities in Asia and the world has partnered with Philippine Vending Corporation (PVC) to provide vending machines in its premises. Now, over 18,000 green archers and school faculty & staff can enjoy convenient access to beverages and snacks within their campus.

PVC has built a solid reputation for reliability and quality and has earned the trust of DLSU to deliver the best vending services to their locations.

PVC operates over 30 vending machines from coffee, snack and and soda vending machines located throughout the campus such as Agno Hall, Faculty Building, Gym, Henry Sy Hall and Yuchengco Hall.

DLSU Agno ( Nov)


DLSU Faculty ( October)

DLSU Faculty

DLSU Henry Sy ( Oct)

DLSU Henry Sy

DLSU Yuchengco (Oct)

DLSU Yuchengco

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